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Best Ever You Awards

The Best Ever You Awards celebrate excellence.  Since 2009, we've been issuing our Seal of Excellence to books, people, businesses, brands and products that inspire people to be their best.
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How to Enter

Step 1: Send a sample for consideration.

Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

The Best Ever You Network

9 Terison Drive

Falmouth, ME 04105


Step 2: email product information to:


Step 3: Our award is free.  We accept donations. The suggested donation is $100-200.


  (All money from your donations goes to our efforts to send our children's books out to libraries and schools across the world.)

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What Do I Receive?

  • Our award, which you can display on your website or other platforms.

  • A blog about your product on, which you can share.

  • A 5-Star Review on Amazon, which is amazon influencer verified from Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

  • A social media shoutout on Facebook on multiple pages (The Best Ever You Awards, Network, Conversations and more!)

  • A social media shoutout on Instagram.  (@BestEverYou)

  • A social media shoutout on Linked In. (Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino)

  • A social media shoutout on Twitter. (@BestEverYou)

  • Application to be a guest on our top-rated radio show - The Best Ever You Show

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